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Training & Education Programs

Coldwell Banker is a full-service real estate company; part of that service is providing continuous enrichment opportunities for our sales associates.

Success Builder for Agents

Coldwell Banker is always the leader in Real Estate Training and an innovator. Our agent training is now organized to reach agents live and online.

  1. BusinessBuilder: Helps organize accounting and legal work, and create business systems that work
  2. ExperienceBuilder: A set of field assignments overseen by a manager or mentor when an agent starts or joins an office.
  3. KnowledgeBuilder: Recorded webinars and how-to videos so that agents can explore unfamiliar topics at their own pace and in their own time from home.
  4. SkillBuilder: Live instruction designed to help agents learn skills and practice them in a safe, controlled environment before taking them to the field.


Our on-site training programs focus on important business activities – contracts, marketing, listing presentations, lead generation, prospecting, transaction management, scripts and dialogues. It’s the industry’s most comprehensive, effective and convenient training program for experienced agents.


As a Coldwell Banker agent, you’ll have access to hands-on technology training so you can take advantage of the latest online marketing opportunities. You’ll also learn how to streamline complex real estate transactions, giving you more time to focus on client service – and getting new business. Additionally, we offer widely-popular training courses on social and new media including Facebook, Twitter, a blog, online videos and email campaigns to get the most from the web.

Risk Management
& Legal Issues

Learning how to identify and resolve legal issues before they become a problem is a valuable skill that benefits both you and your clients. Our legal training directors will teach you to recognize a variety of potential legal complications and the steps you can take to avoid liability.

Advanced Specialist Certification

Coldwell Banker offers exclusive programs that “certify” agents to become a specialist in a variety of real estate disciplines. Courses offered include industry- wide designations: CRS, ABR, SRES, CEMS, ePro, Green Broker, and SFR; along with several company designations: our luxury property and affluent client program: Previews; Architectural.

Mentor Programs
& Coaching

One-on-one guidance from an experienced mentor can quickly launch your career. That’s why all newly licensed Coldwell Banker agents receive close support from Training Directors, Assistant Managers and Managers. This network of support ensures you learn all the ins and outs of real estate from the pros and apply these lessons to your day-to-day business activities. You’ll enjoy face-to-face tutoring that focuses on your specific strengths and weaknesses, providing you with personalized tools for success.

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Don’t do it alone. Coldwell Banker offers a variety of in-house affiliated services to make things easier for both you and your clients.

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